P-40 Wing Kit

Product Details

All fabricated sheet metal wing kits include a full set of ribs, spars, skins and extrusions to build the main wing assembly of the Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk/Warhawk.  Accurately manufactured using original and modern processes, delivering a high quality and accurate wing.


  • Pre-drilled Skins
  • Pre-drilled Spars
  • Pre-drilled leading edge ribs
  • Pre-drilled undercarriage and wing mount rib assemblies
  • Full set of ribs, including the centre rib
  • Full set of extrusions, minus wing attach angles and tee’s
  • Doublers for skins, spars and ribs
  • Gun Bay and Ammo Bay doors
  • Alodine and heat treatment
  • All wing jig drawings
  • Full paperwork package, including a contents list and parts manufacturing warranty

Not included: Wing tips, Ailerons, Flaps, Hardware, Undercarriage, Castings and Forgings, Instrument, Electrical or Hydraulic components, Guns, Gun bay and Ammo bay components, Fuel system components.


  • Model specific kits
  • Untreated parts
  • Primed parts
  • Undrilled skins

The drawings of all our wing jigs are included in each wing kit and are also available for purchase separately.

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